5 Big Ways to Maximize Your Potential to Make Gainz!

5 Big ways to Maximize Your Potential to Make Gainz!

This post was inspired by a question that was asked a few days ago so i decided to write a fully detailed response:

1. Do compound lifts: In order to signal the most amount of testosterone release, hitting large muscle groups through compound lifts such as deadlifts, squats, benching and overhead pressing is the way to go. Going to the gym and hammering isolation movements for an hour and a half just isn’t going to cut it!

2. Having a well-balanced nutrition: It goes without saying but it needs to be said sometimes. Having a well balanced nutrition ensures that your body gets everything it needs to grow. Your food provides you with the vitamins and minerals in order to make the hormones needed to support muscle recovery and growth. If your nutrition isn’t up to par, your training will lack and therefore muscle growth.

3. Adequate sleep: In order for your body to put those nutrients to work you need to sleep. Some studies say that 6-8 hours of sleep is ideal, I get about 9 hours every night. Sleeping allows for your body to slow down and regulate your hormones in order for you to rest properly and recover.

4. Train your legs!: This is part of #1 but it needs to be emphasized, train your legs…HARD. The leg muscles are the biggest muscles in your body. In order to release the most amount of testosterone you need to hit the most amount of muscle at one time which are the legs. The rest of the body will benefit from hitting legs hard and often.

5. Eat eggs!: Eggs contains dietary cholesterol which is a precursor for testosterone. Studies show that dietary cholesterol is needed to form the sex hormone testosterone and ofcourse we need all that good test to build muscles so….eat eggs!





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