Why we don’t “need” supplements but we sure as hell WANT supplements!

There was a point in time where I would put emphasis on supplementing, more emphasis on supplements than I did eating a balanced diet from whole foods. Then there was a time where I only placed emphasis on eating whole foods and took no supplements, I thought I didn’t need them.

I started training consistently three years ago and i’ve matured a lot throughout that time. When I began taking my training seriously, i discarded everything I thought I knew and started “fresh,” kind of. I didn’t take any supplements. I got all of my nutrients from whole foods. I did this for two years. This proved to be working well for me and I thought “yeah, I don’t need supplements. Ill just eat food and that’s it.”

For the first two years I gradually got stronger, had no issue cutting fat when i wanted to and my energy levels were decent. But as I started packing on more muscle and my caloric requirements got larger, I actually started getting WEAKER after awhile. Yes, at first I addressed this with eating more food, getting more sleep, etc but it was inconvenient. My body required more protein over time than it did when I first started and getting ALL of my protein from food sources would mean I would have to eat copious amounts of meat throughout the day to do so.

In comes the supplements. BodyTech Whey Tech Pro 24 – Rich Chocolate (5 Pound Powder). I started supplementing to meet my macro and micronutrient requirements and my strength started increasing again. This sufficed for awhile but I still felt as if something was missing. As the demands of my career started to increase more, I was still getting stronger but the intensity and enjoyment I once felt in my training sessions started lacking. I tried deloading, changing the kind of music, bringing along a few training partners, etc, but something was still missing.

In comes more supplements. BodyTech 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate 5 GM – Unflavored (32 oz Powder) All things remaining on point: Diet, programming, sleep, social life, etc I added other supplements that aided in performance. I’m not an ego lifter at all but once in awhile I like to compete with myself. I literally pretend that the numbers I did last week are my rivals this week, I want an edge so I got the edge.

Now, I have a few friends, one in particular who has been lifting for five years, great physique and consistency in regimen but he’s been having trouble getting stronger for quite some time now. His goal has been to get stronger but he can’t seem to get stronger without extreme unnecessary mental effort. Keep in mind, he takes NO supplements at all, at least that’s what he tells me.

I would recommend that he take supplements to help with his performance but he’s adamant about getting and maintaining “true”

Supplements aren’t for everyone but I do recommend indulging everyone once in awhile, you know, to feed the ego a bit. After all, besides overall health and all that other bullshit, what do we do this for?


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