Leg Day(Power)

As my routines are anchored by the big four and it’s leg day, I started out with Front Squats as my upfront movement. I warmed up to my working sets, sets of 3 and ascended in weight as I progressed through the squat portion of my session:

Below I kicked it off with 185lbs x 3 reps which felt heavy as hell for some strange reason but it felt smooth and controlled throughout the movement while hitting depth

Next, I increase the weight by ten pounds, hitting 195lbs x 3 which actually felt better than the 185lbs. This indicated to me that I probably didn’t warm-up properly, oops. Seems as if my body still had some warming up to do. Next time ill probably warm-up for 15 minutes on a cold day like today.

The following set I go up by five pounds and hit 200lbs x 3 which felt smooth and controlled.

Now is where things get real challenging, I go up another five pounds and focused less on depth and more on pushing this weight up.

My end goal was to get to 225lbs for 3 but I ended up hitting 215×1, which barely came back up!


After this portion of my leg session, I followed up with some accessory work: leg presses, 4×8, leg extension and leg curl superset, 4×15 and some calf work with 4×25 seated calf raises.


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