Are you happy?

Health, wealth & love done correctly leads to happiness.

Your health is the pre-requisite to wealth, love and happiness. Focus on your health first thing in the morning. Go for a jog, do some pushups, pull-ups, some sort of physical activity while consuming 20 fl oz of water every hour or so with a nutritious breakfast & it can make a world of difference to your day.

Since your wealth is predicated on your health it dictates how long you are physically capable of working. Being healthier means you’re in a better psychological & physiological state to earn money. Investment, a career, a job an online business are all avenues of wealth.

Love. Everyone needs love. Whether it’s from friends, family or a romantic partner. Make room to socialize with people you love & care about. Simple as that. There is no utility in having all the wealth in the world without anyone to share it with.

These 3 simple but monumental aspects of your life, if made substantial, will lead to overall happiness. Create a balance while doing the best you can.

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