Anthony Boyd’s Story


I am completely humbled by how far i’ve come in every aspect of my life. I got into #strength training for #mental #health reasons. I was going through ALOT all at once and needed a stable, reliable, #discipline to center me. I started with #meditation, which I still do today, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to get moving.

I couldn’t afford a #gym membership. I was earning $11.50/hour while going to school full time with rent to pay. So I started training with trash. I filled gallons of water up, googled how much they weighed, curled them, pressed them, pulled them. I found an old barbell my best friend gave me with some weights and started #squatting.(had to clean the bar up and over my head to get into position and when i was done, I had to clean it back over my head, down and back to the ground. This proved to be unsafe and not very effective for getting stronger in the long run.

When I got too strong to continue making progress with what I had, I had to get creative. I used my school bag and threw old textbooks in there along with some plates, put it on my back and started doing pushups. Little by little, I added more weight. Little did I know, I was following the principle of #progressive #overload

I couldn’t afford #supplements, so I made my own concoction of black tea and some gatorade to keep my going after long shifts and long days at school. 

Eventually when I got time between classes, I started to train at my schools gym whenever i could, that is whenever the teams weren’t in there training. And soon after that I was able to afford my own gym membership. 

I say all that to say this, I may look fancy, train at a fancy gym, etc but on the inside I’ll forever be humbled by how far i’ve come. If you’re truly #dedicated to something, anything, go after it by all means.