BAF Powerbuilder Program

BAF Power-builder Program

This program is a FREE 3-phase powerbuilding program that emphasizes the Squat, Deadlift & Bench press, designed to take the trainee from beginner to advanced levels of training. Stick with this program & there is no doubt you’ll build a strong, well-rounded, physique. I designed this program with the trainee that works labor intensive careers in mind, which is why I strongly emphasize proper rest periods, sleep and deloads but is well suited for the trainees who have sedentary careers as well. More importantly, this program is a documentation of my strength training journey & what as worked for me based off of concepts that I picked up along the way. Concepts that I’ve incorporated such as “the principle of progressive overload, stimulus, recovery, adaption, deloading, etc.” This is a FREE program that I hope helps those out there looking for guidance & direction.