This is not financial or investing advice. This is just my opinion, documentation & anecdotal experience with investing.

I’ve gotten semi-serious with invest about a year ago. One of my good friends put me onto investing on this platform called “stockpile.” Stockpile is an app or platform that allows you to purchase stock at fraction shares. This is a great way to start your journey to financial freedom because there is a low cost of entry and the fees are low. This app also allows for DRIP, a function that starts for “Dividend reinvestment plan.” This essentially means that whatever dividends you receive from stocks you purchased is reinvested into your portfolio.

I don’t have much experience investing but I’ve been contributing to my 401k since I was 22. Over the course of 9 years I’ve been contributing 1-5% of my weekly income every week. Currently I’m contributing 3% and I’ll be bumping that up to 5% when I get my raise(s) for this year.

When I first started investing I was more focused on capital gain, buying some shares, allowing it to appreciate, then selling. The typical buy low, sell high thing. But my friend put me on to dividend investing which is a much more attractive option when talking about passive income.

Dividend investing is truly the way to earn passive income because all you have to do is find a company you believe in due to it’s reputation and balance sheets and make your choice from there. Once you have invested to a point where you are getting gold returns, you can truly look at it as passive income because your money is earning you money.

My goal over the next 20 years or so is to set up a nice size portfolio with some solid company’s that yield decent dividends to be able to retire on.

The platforms I’m playing with as of now is M1 Finance, stockpile & TD Ameritrade. I’m leaning more toward M1 Finance to set up my DRIP and I’ll probably use stockpile for some short term capital gain. Other platforms out there include Robinhood, Stash & Acorns.

I’ll keep updating my blog with how well the journey is going.