The Juggernaut Method 2.0

I love this program. I will go as far to say that this program is IDEAL for those of us who work labor intensive careers due to the fact that this program does well with managing fatigue.

So what is TJM 2.0? This is a program designed & written by Chad Wesley Smith. This program was designed with athletes in mind but powerlifters have used it a few times including Chad who’s gone on to compete.

The program is structured by waves around the bench, squat, standing overhead press and deadlift. Each wave ends with an AMRAP which means “as many reps possible,” with a deload week the following week. The AMRAPs allow for you to progress to heavier weights each month. It’s a 16 week program where we spend 4 weeks in each wave, 10s, 8s, 5s & 3s, respectively. Or you can use an undulating periodized approach & arrange the waves as such: 10s, 5s, 8s 3s, which is what I have chosen to do.

I’m not going to get into any more specifics of the program. I just want to document my experiences with it because I’m intrigued by my ability to gain consistent strength and movement with it.

I work a labor intensive job and this program, as I have mentioned before, manages fatigue better than any other program I’ve tried before largely due to the fact that we bench, squat, deadlift and overhead press once per week. Ofcourse there’s assistance work built around these lifts but this works perfectly for me. My nervous system isn’t fried week in & week out and I’m gaining strength and size consistently from wave to wave.

There is a ton of volume & what this has done for me has exposed my weaknesses, specifically in my core and hips.

Currently I’m in the 5s wave where I’m feeling quite strong and looking forward to hitting the 3s wave where the weights get considerably heavier.