Project Leadership Series: Introduction

I’ve been in a leadership position at my work for over 5 years now & it is nothing like you see on TV & nothing like your friends told you. Contrary to popular belief, leadership is an art that has dire consequences if not taken seriously.

An art with dire consequences

Leadership requires some baseline knowledge, the basics, fundamentals in order for us to actually perform in the role. Just like a painter has their easel, paint brush & colors, a leader has skills such as their ability to articulate, charisma, the ability to boil down complex problems with solutions, the ability to be persuasive, etc. I’ll go into each skill & talk about more skills as we go along but this is something I’m passionate about sharing with you all.

Now more than ever we need leaders. The world has a thirst for knowledge that is practical. Knowledge that when applied can improve one’s quality of life. With social media, we have access to more information & the potential to enlighten one another. In order to do this, one must be able to lead.

Stay tuned.


This is not financial or investing advice. This is just my opinion, documentation & anecdotal experience with investing.

I’ve gotten semi-serious with invest about a year ago. One of my good friends put me onto investing on this platform called “stockpile.” Stockpile is an app or platform that allows you to purchase stock at fraction shares. This is a great way to start your journey to financial freedom because there is a low cost of entry and the fees are low. This app also allows for DRIP, a function that starts for “Dividend reinvestment plan.” This essentially means that whatever dividends you receive from stocks you purchased is reinvested into your portfolio.

I don’t have much experience investing but I’ve been contributing to my 401k since I was 22. Over the course of 9 years I’ve been contributing 1-5% of my weekly income every week. Currently I’m contributing 3% and I’ll be bumping that up to 5% when I get my raise(s) for this year.

When I first started investing I was more focused on capital gain, buying some shares, allowing it to appreciate, then selling. The typical buy low, sell high thing. But my friend put me on to dividend investing which is a much more attractive option when talking about passive income.

Dividend investing is truly the way to earn passive income because all you have to do is find a company you believe in due to it’s reputation and balance sheets and make your choice from there. Once you have invested to a point where you are getting gold returns, you can truly look at it as passive income because your money is earning you money.

My goal over the next 20 years or so is to set up a nice size portfolio with some solid company’s that yield decent dividends to be able to retire on.

The platforms I’m playing with as of now is M1 Finance, stockpile & TD Ameritrade. I’m leaning more toward M1 Finance to set up my DRIP and I’ll probably use stockpile for some short term capital gain. Other platforms out there include Robinhood, Stash & Acorns.

I’ll keep updating my blog with how well the journey is going.


Self love is the prerequisite to every other love there is. Love starts with self and if you do not cultivate it with compassion, competence & diligence it will wither away & cease to exist in your day to day existence.

In fact, lack of self love will permeate all other areas of your life. Your career, health, family life, etc will all be bereft of substantiated quality.

I want you to take inventory of yourself by asking some simple questions. “What is my purpose here on Earth?,” “What is it I need to do to take care of myself?,” “What will my life look like if I were to do the things that I know I should be doing?”

If those questions stump you & you have difficulties coming up with the answers on your own, allow me to share this story with you: One day a man won a substantial amount of money in a lottery. He had a brother who was an architect. He phoned his architect brother & asked him to build a house for him. He specifically told him to pick all of the best materials, the finest money can buy because he had just won the lottery & money is not an object. His brother got to work, designed the house, hired all of the best engineers to use all of the best materials to build the house for his brother.

When the house was done & his brother came to look at it. He was amazed. The architect brother was astounded by his own work. He attempted to hand him the keys & the brother said “No. I’m afraid I wasn’t too honest with you. The house wasn’t for me. It was for you.”

Moral of the story is pick all of the best materials you can find to build life as if you were building it for a loved one or a family member. Self love involves taking care of yourself as if you were taking care of another.