Project Leadership Series: Introduction

I’ve been in a leadership position at my work for over 5 years now & it is nothing like you see on TV & nothing like your friends told you. Contrary to popular belief, leadership is an art that has dire consequences if not taken seriously.

An art with dire consequences

Leadership requires some baseline knowledge, the basics, fundamentals in order for us to actually perform in the role. Just like a painter has their easel, paint brush & colors, a leader has skills such as their ability to articulate, charisma, the ability to boil down complex problems with solutions, the ability to be persuasive, etc. I’ll go into each skill & talk about more skills as we go along but this is something I’m passionate about sharing with you all.

Now more than ever we need leaders. The world has a thirst for knowledge that is practical. Knowledge that when applied can improve one’s quality of life. With social media, we have access to more information & the potential to enlighten one another. In order to do this, one must be able to lead.

Stay tuned.

Mindfulness: Out of the head & into the body.

When overwhelmed, get out of the head and into the body. How?

One thing that is always with us, from birth til death, is our breath. Our breath can teach us a lot about letting go. It is one of those things in life that if you hold on for too long, you lose it. So, breathe. When we breathe, we let go. We let go of the headiness and enter into our body.

We don’t have to stop at the breath. We can become awakened to sensations in our body as well. It can be our buttocks on the seat you’re currently sitting, your feet pressed against the floor or just the overall sensation of having a body.

What this does is allows you to connect to source energy and get out of your own way. The Your or You I am referring to is the universe. You are the universe. The headiness, the ego, is not you. You identify with ego and become overwhelmed because of the detachment of source energy, which is…”the” universe.

Try it.

Water takes the shape of the container it’s in.

Water is one of the most ambitious, resilient, versatile substances on this planet. Water can carve mountains as well as split boulders in half when it wedges it’s way between cracks and expands when freezing. When water meets an obstruction, it finds another way and flows around it. Water is powerful but…it’s conformist by nature, similar to human beings.

You see, like water, humans takes the shape of the container it’s in except the container is our social circle. The quality of the people we surround ourselves with determines the quality of us. If we surround ourselves with slothful people, we too become slothful. If we surround ourselves with productive people, we become just as productive if not more productive.

Find a shape that you’ll be happy to become. Surround yourself with quality people, with quality ideas and live a quality life.


Self love is the prerequisite to every other love there is. Love starts with self and if you do not cultivate it with compassion, competence & diligence it will wither away & cease to exist in your day to day existence.

In fact, lack of self love will permeate all other areas of your life. Your career, health, family life, etc will all be bereft of substantiated quality.

I want you to take inventory of yourself by asking some simple questions. “What is my purpose here on Earth?,” “What is it I need to do to take care of myself?,” “What will my life look like if I were to do the things that I know I should be doing?”

If those questions stump you & you have difficulties coming up with the answers on your own, allow me to share this story with you: One day a man won a substantial amount of money in a lottery. He had a brother who was an architect. He phoned his architect brother & asked him to build a house for him. He specifically told him to pick all of the best materials, the finest money can buy because he had just won the lottery & money is not an object. His brother got to work, designed the house, hired all of the best engineers to use all of the best materials to build the house for his brother.

When the house was done & his brother came to look at it. He was amazed. The architect brother was astounded by his own work. He attempted to hand him the keys & the brother said “No. I’m afraid I wasn’t too honest with you. The house wasn’t for me. It was for you.”

Moral of the story is pick all of the best materials you can find to build life as if you were building it for a loved one or a family member. Self love involves taking care of yourself as if you were taking care of another.

Are you happy?

Health, wealth & love done correctly leads to happiness.

Your health is the pre-requisite to wealth, love and happiness. Focus on your health first thing in the morning. Go for a jog, do some pushups, pull-ups, some sort of physical activity while consuming 20 fl oz of water every hour or so with a nutritious breakfast & it can make a world of difference to your day.

Since your wealth is predicated on your health it dictates how long you are physically capable of working. Being healthier means you’re in a better psychological & physiological state to earn money. Investment, a career, a job an online business are all avenues of wealth.

Love. Everyone needs love. Whether it’s from friends, family or a romantic partner. Make room to socialize with people you love & care about. Simple as that. There is no utility in having all the wealth in the world without anyone to share it with.

These 3 simple but monumental aspects of your life, if made substantial, will lead to overall happiness. Create a balance while doing the best you can.

Meditation For Manifestation: A Technique For Visualization

I picked this manifestation meditation up in 2014 and it has changed the way I look at life. It is based on the theory of void mechanics/quantum physics, which I am not going to get into currently but its reliable.

The purpose of this meditation is for fixation on achieving our goals. When it comes to accomplishing anything, we first have to fix our minds on the object of our goals. When we fix our minds on that goal(s) our reticular activation system(RAS), which is just a fancy term for “what are brains look for,” seeks out and locks in on things that can help us.

Step 1: First, sit in a comfortable spot in a relatively dark, quiet room. Be sure to set aside at least 15-20 minutes to complete this meditation uninterrupted. You can sit lotus(cross legged), in a chair, or even kneel Japanese style but be sure to keep your spine straight and palms in lap. Close your eyes.

Step 2: While eyes are closed and you are relaxed, muscles loose, jaw relaxed, tongue on the ceiling of your mouth. Take a deep breath. In through your nose, out through your mouth. In through your nose out through your mouth. Now what we want to do is keep breathing in and out calmly, slowly, in order to bring our minds to a quiet calm place or blackness. At this point you are going to notice all sorts of thoughts come flying into your mind. The key is to focus on your breath. Every time you find yourself identifying and lost in a thought(s) remember to bring it back to your breath. Do this for about 5 minutes.(Or until you get steady blackness)

Step 3: Once you got hold of steady blackness, we are going to imagine what our life is currently like. Come up with an image that exemplifies your currently life situation. It can be your job, your last paycheck, your bank balance, house, car, etc. Any aspect of your life that represents what it is currently like and what you would like to change, come up with that image.

Step 4: Now that you have this image, with no emotion*, you are going to take it and super impose it on the blackness of your mind. Sort of like how a movie projector does it. Project that image onto the black screen of your mind and silently say “I am…”(this is an admission that you have created your currently reality and therefore have the power to change that reality)

Step 5: Now once you say “I am…”(with no emotion) bring your mind back to the still blackness.

Step 6: Imagine what you want to achieve. A new job, opening your own business, thriving doing what you love to do day to day. It can be anything. Start with something small and work your way up. Be specific and detailed in your imagination as if you already have it.

Step 7: Take the aforementioned image and superimpose that onto the blackness of your mind. Remember, your mind is a projector. It projects the imagination onto to “reality.” Here we are just mimicking the universe’ creative process. Similar to the way that a flip book works. Once you superimpose this image we are going to say “grateful” coupled with the emotion of gratitude. We are going to invoke the the feeling of gratitude because in our imagination we already have what we desire.

The reason we do this is because our subconscious mind does not know the difference between something that we are looking at with our own physical eyes in our waking consciousness and our minds eye when we are unconscious or contemplating. What happens when we are going through this visualization process is that we are “hacking” the way the universe creates reality but projecting our imagination intentionally into reality. Sooner than you realize, our egos(the ego that puts together our daily lives and allows us to navigate it) will take steps, seek out information, etc in order to help us achieve our goals. In a nutshell, this is not magic. It is practical psychology.

Step 8: We repeat steps 1-7 as much as we like without burning ourselves out, which is approximately 15-20 minutes.

Try this for a month and let me know how it works out for you.

*Emotion brings more of what we focus on into fruition