Water takes the shape of the container it’s in.

Water is one of the most ambitious, resilient, versatile substances on this planet. Water can carve mountains as well as split boulders in half when it wedges it’s way between cracks and expands when freezing. When water meets an obstruction, it finds another way and flows around it. Water is powerful but…it’s conformist by nature, similar to human beings.

You see, like water, humans takes the shape of the container it’s in except the container is our social circle. The quality of the people we surround ourselves with determines the quality of us. If we surround ourselves with slothful people, we too become slothful. If we surround ourselves with productive people, we become just as productive if not more productive.

Find a shape that you’ll be happy to become. Surround yourself with quality people, with quality ideas and live a quality life.