The Blue Collar Lifter

This is this lifter who has grown up training in all kinds of gyms, all kinds of conditions with all kinds of equipment. From fancy franchise gyms to overheated gyms to pristine equipment to rusty barbells. The blue collar lifter has always felt comfortable with turning shit into sugar and that’s the kind of man that trains despite being a blue collar worker.

This is the man who works 8 to 12 hour shifts and still cultivated the energy to get to the gym and fucking TRAIN. Despite the nagging, aches and pains that has him popping Advil, Tylenol or whatever will allow him to focus on the craft. The blue collar lifter has passion and commitment but also trains smart.

The blue collar lifter cannot train like all the other pretty boys in the fitness industry. He has a real career that is labor intensive. He has real responsibilities such as being the life blood of this country. Blue collar lifters are the men that put this infrastructure together but they are still allowed to train right?